The most huggable guy you'll ever meet.

There are many ways to describe Jeremy Jewell: unique, talented, charismatic, but above all, he is kind.

He can be found singing and playing guitar at many of the local venues throughout Rochester, MN either by himself, or with one of the many musical groups he is involved in.

Mr. Jewell writes and performs his own material, and also has a size-able library of cover songs he can play as well. He likes to use light gauge guitar strings and prefers wearing blue jeans.


October 2021 Album

The feel good album you need.

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Wurlitzer Prize - Waylon Jennings cover by Jeremy Jewell

Movie Star - Jeremy Jewell

Walking Backwards - Jeremy Jewell



Jeremy's love for music began at an early age as he found himself constantly thinking about music. He taught himself how to play guitar and soon after, he landed the first gig; his 7th grade graduation. It was that moment when he knew this was something he wanted to do for as along as he able.



five. zero. seven.

three. five. eight. 

eight. zero. one. one. 

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